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Norwalk River Watershed Association
Norwalk River Watershed Atlas

The map below shows the main branch of the Norwalk River, which begins near the center of Ridgefield, CT, goes north along Route 35, then reverses direction and goes south along Route 7 through Wilton and Norwalk, emptying into Long Island Sound at Norwalk Harbor, approximately 40 miles from New York City.

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Click below for photos from each labeled section of the Norwalk Watershed.
16. Norwalk, Wall Street

17. Lockwood Mathews

18. Norwalk Harbor

19. Norwalk Islands

A. Wilton Center, Rte. 33

12. Wolfpit Road

13. S. Wilton, Kent Rd.

14. Merritt Pkwy and Rte. 7

B. Norwalk, Perry Ave.

6. Cains Hill, Topstone

7. Millers Pond

8. Branchville Station

9. Georgetown

10. Cannondale

1. Source of the River

2. The Great Swamp

3. Fox Hill Condominiums

4. Taylors Pond

5. Great Pond