In Your Own Backyard

Norwalk River Watershed Association
What we do on our property affects many other parts of the environment including the air, water, soil and all that is living on it–our family, pets, neighbors and wildlife–or living in it–the insects, pollinators and plants.

The outcomes of our actions do not respect the boundaries of our property lines. Each of us has the power to strengthen the ecosystem by becoming an informed and proactive steward of our own property. If what we do enhances the environment for wildlife and plants, and is healthy for our neighbors and our family, we have taken steps in making a major positive impact. And each of us can do that with very little effort, if we know how.

The information here will help you become a strong steward of your property and all that it touches or connects to. You will be starting a cycle of good habits and positive environmental behaviors right in your own backyard!

Norwalk River November 2014