Rain Gardens

Norwalk River Watershed Association
You can make a difference every time it rains at your house. Non-point source pollution (run-off from impervious surfaces such as roofs, driveways, roads and parking lots) has been cited by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a major source of pollution for our waterways. Rain gardens catch runoff, filtering it before it reaches rivers and streams. For more information visit nemo.uconn.edu/raingardens.
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NRWA in association with the University of Connecticut’s NEMO program installed a model rain garden in the Norwalk River
watershed at the Wilton Playshop on Lovers Lane in Wilton. Stop by and see it just off the back patio.
Volunteers dig the foundation for a model rain garden at
the Wilton Playshop on Lover’s Lane, Wilton.
Daisy scouts volunteer to plant the model rain garden in Wilton.